Google Analytics and GA4: Improve your online sales by better understanding customer data and how customers interact with your website


Want to improve online sales? Want to stop the customer drop-off in your sales funnel?

Some companies have a 95 percent drop-off in the final steps of the sales funnel. Often a few minor adjustments on these pages could double website sales. However, these issues often go undiscovered because people do not know what they are looking for in the data. With the tools inside this book, you will discover what areas of your website customers are having trouble with and what can be done to provide the best experience for your website users.

This book will cover topics such as

  • The basics of Google analytics and GA4
  • Setting up Analytics accounts on WordPress, Shopify, and other platforms
  • The major differences between Google Analytics(UA) and GA4 accounts
  • How to leverage customer data to make corrections to your website
  • Using Analytics to increase sales

This book is part of a more extensive collection of books in the SEO and Digital Marketing series These books together cover a broad range of Search Engine Optimization topics, including the tools you need to be successful at the business of Search engine optimization.

Google analytics and GA4 will cover the basics of how to set up an account, monitor traffic, and even use Google analytics to do basic website optimization on an e-commerce website. If you are starting in the field or need to brush up on the basics, this is the book to help with Google analytics. If you are more advanced, you may want to see the beginners guide to Search Engine Optimization and the Advance guide to Google analytics.

Digital analytics

Digital analytics is the process of collecting data from users as they interact with the website and providing you with a picture representation of that data. Research has told us that people buy products and services in stages. Analytics can show the acquisition of new users or pages viewed by the user while on the website and conversion. The user has become a customer, either through purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or interacting with a blog. Digital analytics then allows you to take this information and make better-informed decisions. Such as analyzing the data from your marketing campaigns to see which ones turn into sales so you can expand these efforts. Digital analytics also shows you if customers are having trouble with any step on your website. It can show you if users engaged your website on a mobile device or a desktop computer and how quickly your website responds to a customer’s request.

Using digital analytics to grow your Business

It doesn’t matter the business; digital analytics can help grow your business if you have a digital footprint. I will briefly walk through the major components of the Digital Analytics home page in Google Analytics. Provide you with an overview of how it can help you grow your website or business later in this book. As we get deeper into each area, I will give you more detail about it and how every area can provide information to grow your business online.