Google Shops

How can PittCrew help you?

We suspect that you have found PittCrew Web Services by searching for help with Google AdWords Suspensions and you don’t understand why your account is suspended. Google’s habit of referring to the policy that is so vague you get lost looking at it has not been helpful, and you just want a person to fix it. This is where we can help you.

What we need from you right now

Please do not submit the account for review. Google will allow only 2 reviews a week and requesting these without the underlining issue corrected will put the account on cooldown. Once an account is on cooldown it cannot be submitted for review until  the cooldown time is over.  

If your account is on cooldown that is alright just understand there is not a way to get it off cooldown until the time has expired. This gives us time to correct the issues that triggered the suspension.

How long will it take to fix?

Sometimes it takes just a few hours to Identify the issues that triggered the  suspension. Correcting these issues will require time and may require access to the  Website backend and API systems. 

If your account is on Cooldown that date is the soonest, we can have the account  reviewed. Reviews can take 1 to 7 days due to Google staffing limitations related to the 2020/2021 pandemic. 

How much will it cost?

We charge 500 dollars for the research into the account to find the grounds for the suspension and the work required to correct that issue. For milestone one we will only require access to the Google Ads and Merchant center accounts. You will have a report back within 48 hours outlining our findings. 

The second milestone is correction this may require access to the access to the website backend and API system or it may just require minor changes in the Merchant  of Ads account.  

How to hire PittCrew?

As stated above we work Google account suspensions at a 500-dollar total rate. For  Upwork we need a contract with 2 milestones. The first being Identify the issues that led to the account suspension and a second milestone that is correction of these identified issues. Each milestone will need to be funded at 250.  

Why we don’t work hourly

  Due to the sensitive nature of the systems required such as website, API, and Google  accounts that must be used in this process, we do not do any Google Account or website backend work on hourly bases with the Upwork Platform. On hourly jobs Upwork screen captures images of our computer screen we do not know where or how these images are secured. 

Additionally, this is a job that can have clearly defined deliverables. We provided you a  Merchant center or Google ads review or we didn’t, and we resolved the Account issues,  or we didn’t.