Microsoft Advertising

What is Microsoft Advertising?

Microsoft Advertising, formerly Bing Ads, is a service offered by Microsoft that creates, distributes, and monitors ad campaigns to the benefit of your company. These ads are shown to target demographics of your choice at the time of your choice. Microsoft Advertising also offers you the ability to choose when ad campaigns start and end.

What does Pitt Crew Web Services do?

Here at Pitt Crew Web Services, we do Microsoft Advertising right. We take the time to do our research beforehand. Using programs such as SEO SpyGlass and Rank Tracker, we carefully select the best keywords based on you and your competitors’ websites. In turn, we use these keywords to optimize your ad campaigns, ensuring your ads will flourish and increase your revenue long after you hired us.  During the optimization stage, we also take the time to tidy up and make any necessary adjustments to your campaign(s). When we create your ad campaigns, we make sure it is a long-term solution that will last long after you hire us.
One of our client’s Microsoft Advertising account before (Q1&4 2020) and after (Q1&3 2021) hiring us