Christopher Pittman is completing his Doctorate in Business, focusing on E-Commerce and website conversion factors. He has his Master’s Degree in internet marketing.

Over the last 10 years, he has lectured on the topic of E-Commerce at Universities, built E-Commerce channels for national brands, worked as a small business mentor, and assisted small to medium size businesses with their websites and digital marketing.

For any business to thrive in today’s environment, it must have a solid online presence. It’s cheesy to say, but if your company cannot be found on Google, it does not exist. I have taken companies from no online footprint to over a million dollars a year in just online orders.

Over the course of my consulting work, I have often found the same issues over and over. Companies neglect their website maintenance. Whether they are failing to properly maintain their Google AdWords, by setting them to autopilot and forgetting about it for months or years on end, or they struggle to optimize their websites or webpages within Google Search Console, or the backend of their shop fails to meet expectations.

There tend to be one or two reasons for this. One, the company does not have the manpower to have a set position for this work, or two, they do not have the finances to hire someone to fill this type of role.