What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. As the name may imply, it is a digital market strategy that is used to improve your website’s ranking within Search Engines. This means it helps make your website one of the top pages when you search keywords on Google or Bing or other Search Engines. When you have a higher ranking, it improves your online visibility, which in turn, increases your amount of customers and helps improve your bottom line

What does Pitt Crew Web Services do?

Here at Pitt Crew Web Services, we do SEO work right. We take time to do our research beforehand. Using programs such as SEO SpyGlass and Rank Tracker, we carefully select the best keywords based on you and your competitors’ websites. In turn, we use these keywords to optimize your webpage for Google, Bing, or other Search Engines. During the optimization stage, we also take the time to tidy up and make any necessary adjustments to your webpage(s). When we do your SEO work, we make sure it is a long term solution that will last long after you hire us.

Recurring Help

For those in need of recurring help, Pitt Crew Web Services offers the option to hire us for extended periods of time or on a recurring schedule. Simply, express your interest in hiring us for an extended amount of time when going through the hiring process